I hail the law formed to serve the strong. In vain we argue rail and chide (Lucy Aitken)

Stonehenge is the location where single mother Tess Of The Durbervilles is arrested, for crimes which were forced on her by circumstance. As I walked this embroidery…

White Cliffs of Dover

(A traveller) weary toil subdued, I reached a country strange and rude (Matilda Betton)

The rest of this quote (which I didnt have time to embroider) is “and trembled, lest, approaching eve, my thoughts of shelter should decieve”. I think it captures the…

Grasmere, Lake District

Happily we cannot shape the mountain to our fancy (Dorothy Wordsworth)

Dorothy Wordsworth was not a biological mother, but she mothered. I admire her not only for her brilliant writing (overshadowed and sometimes appropriated by her…

Blaenavon, Welsh Valleys

Thou steered them wrong thou helmsman vile (Mary Howitt)

I embroidered this on a slag heap, next to a closed coal mine which is now a tourist attraction. South Wales registered a “Leave” vote in the referendum. I struggled to…

Langdale, Lake District

Thinks thou Britain still to rest at ease (an island Queen amidst thy subject seas). (Laetitia Barbauld)

Langdale is stunning. If you were making a political broadcast with a nationalist agenda, you’d use it to show what needs defending against those marauding hordes…

British Camp, Malvern

In this sea fenced isle survey scenes to make the sick heart shudder. (Charlotte Smith)

Elgar, the composer of “Pomp and Circumstance” (from which this famous lyric is taken) was born nearby.

Plymouth Hoe

What is Empire? The privilege to punish and enjoy and think ourselves immortal (Hannah More)

I embroidered this using a lighthouse and naval statues as landmarks. It was early in the morning, and apart from the dog-walkers, the only other person I encountered…

Brean Head Napoleonic Fort

Advancing clouds from every point of heaven brood aloft o’er the enpurpled earth (Johanna Baillie)

I like places where you can see where you are in the world. From here you can see Glastonbury Tor and Wales. It gives you a sense of the bigger picture.

Lower Slaughter, Cotswolds

The cottages of England! Fearless there the lowly sleep. (Felicity Homans)

There is a working watermill here, swans in the ford and little bridges over the stream. It looks like a Constable painting, or a location for a period drama. The average house…

Alexandra Park, Belfast

People are almost always better than their neighbours think they are (George Eliot)

Alexandra park is cut in half by a “peace wall”, the gate to which is closed every night. Starting on one side and ending on the other, I embroidered this the day Trump…