Acts of (In) visible Repair

This iteration of GPS Embroidery explored the unseen but essential networks within the urban environment of Exeter. We invited women and girls from different parts of the city to help us create GPS embroideries around the concept of repair.

Through community mapping “walkshops” and an immersive audio performance, we shared the small but important ways we can enable biodiversity to thrive. This was one of six commissions from “Outside- the- Box”, which explored outdoor performances as a pandemic response.

It was supported by Exeter Culture, University of Exeter and the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

The creative team for this project were Lizzie Philps, Frances Merriman and Anna Haydock Wilson. Local production was provided by Lizzy Humber, and media support by Niamh McCarthy

Chhaya Dance Collective Youth Group

This female led collective of young dancers responded to the theme of repair by stitching invisible connections between green islands within this park, and within the city...

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Northernhay Gardens

Exeter Residents

It’s impossible to talk about environmental repair in Exeter without talking about the river. In all our workshops we heard stories of congested crossings, concreting versus planting…

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Riverside Valley Park

Local Residents

Urban parks offer shortcuts and social space within human networks, and can contain numerous invisible nonhuman webs and systems too. From the fascinating fragility of insect life…

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St Thomas Pleasure Gardens

Mothers Who Make

Cemeteries and graveyards make us think about our ancestors; including their approach to biodiversity. We zoomed in to the details of lichen and zoomed out to GPS to position us in time as…

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Higher Cemetery