People Who Mother

Straighten up and fly right (Nat King Cole)

A group of mothers from Bristol chose the are of Ashton Court where the music festival used to be held to embroider song lyrics. We chose songs we…

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Ashton Court

Truth (Kayley, Hayley, Becky)

Young mothers from Knowle West took part in a year long project about data, during which they got savvy about the way their online information is used…

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Knowle West

Moon (Chloe)

Mothers at Dursley Library wanted to find a way to create alongside their children. I like the sense of going round in circles of this embroidery. It speaks to me…

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Cam Peak View, Dursley

Sexy Lady (Katrina)

At Gloucester Library I worked with mothers whose children have additional needs. They wanted to talk about sex, and wrote the lind of words you sometimes see…

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Victoria Park, Gloucester

We walk on the bed of the sea of the air (JR Carpenter)

I worked with writer Mary Paterson, digital artist JR Carpenter and cinematographer Adam Laity. On the river Severn, we explored the layers of geological preservation in…

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Whale Wharf, Littleton on Severn

Sigh Of All The Seas (Emily Bronte/Callie Nestleroth)

Northern Jersey is wild and windswept, and we embroidered our words across heather and gorseland. The process of GPS embroidery involves walking…

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Groznez Point, Jersey

La Mer Est La Mere (Sarah Dufayard)

I ran a DIY Artist residency with Live Art Development Agency in Sept 2017. Jersey’s relationship to the UK mainland brought up analogies to the UK’s relationship…

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La Rocque, Jersey

A child who is silent until learning to speak (Niall Farnan)

A group of graduates from Bristol Institute for Performing Arts, all of whom mother, used the embroideries of other groups as stimulus and wrote about their own…

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Uphill Beach, Weston Super Mare

Walk with my head (think with my feet) (Sarah Dufayard)

Sarah and I met on the LADA DIY residency I ran in Jersey, but she took a GPS tracker back to London to embroider some more. She described this sentence as…

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London Suburbs

Armenian girls do it closer to home (Silva Semerciyan)

I wrote this with Armenian American playwright Silva Semerciyan in April 2021, as we came out of lockdown. Our conversations meandered...

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Cheddar Gorge, Somerset